Many years ago Gisela Belzer was on a study trip to Sicily where she experienced one of the local passion plays. The impression was so deep that it became her great desire to have a Passion Play performed in Eppertshausen. As soon as she was elected to the parish council in 2003, she began to promote this idea.

The „Sicilian style“ Passion Play is performed outdoors in the streets and not in a theatre.

The parish priest, Father Harald Christian Röper and the protestant pastor, Mr. Johannes Opfermann were both supporters from the very start despite some scepticism from both church congregations.

The town mayor Mr. Carsten Helfmann was not only an early supporter, he immediately began helping with the organisation and volunteered to be one of the key actors as well.

In 2004, the news about „reintroducing“ the Passion Play in Eppertshausen was propagated though both churches, the local newpaper, and the clubs and music choirs (despite Eppertshausen´s size, it has 5 choirs!)

Not only did nearly 100 people come forward to volunteer as actors, key specialists such as Markus Schledt (stage construction), Sieghilde Schledt (seamstress), Hans-Dieter Müller (music director) and Cordula Brandt (theological consultant) offered assistance with their invaluable knowledge and skills.

The first modern Passion Play was performed on Good Friday 2006.

The publically registered association „Passionsspiele Eppertshausen e.V“, or in English „The Passion Play Eppertshausen Association“ was founded in 2009 shortly before the second performance. At the present, the Passion Play Eppertshausen Association has nearly 80 members.



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